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Triple Recursion in Action Theory

April 5, 2013

If any action, a, at any time is system, network, and evolution, or reproductive differentiation (Parsons, Luhmann), controlled identity (H.C. White), and selective variation (Darwin), then a catject describing that action a should model which distinctions frame, form, and make play that action depending on a communication providing for redundancy and variety and dealing with noise while all the while making sense or producing a meaning oscillating, memorizing, and thereby making the action function with respect to further action.

A triple recursion formula describing these requirements to model any catject of a would thus possibly read:

Action (play, noise, function)

And we would know that doing sociological theory requires to start from, and not to fall back behind, a Serres like extended Shannon communication theory, a Goffman type frame analysis, a Bateson notion of play, a Spencer-Brown form calculus, and a Harrison C. White network analysis within Parsons’ and Luhmann’s systems theory.

Shouldn’t be altogether too impossible, or should it?

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