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Observe Observers

June 8, 2012

Observe Observers.

Call culture an acknowledgement of the perspective of the observer under its aspect of the contingency of the perspective.

Call society the motive, manner, and result of the contention among observers concerning their perspectives.

Call knowledge any stake within that contention. Call ignorance the knowledge of ignorance.

Account for observers according to the distinctions they are drawing.

Distinguish between three possibilities to draw a distinction. (1) Observers can call again a distinction already called; distinctions thereby are confirmed and become either self-evident or obtrusive by this confirmation. (2) Observers can cross distinctions and thereby gain the possibility to draw a new one. (3) Observers can re-enter distinctions into the form of distinction and thereby turn observable that form.

Call form according to George Spencer-Brown (a) the inside of a distinction together with (b) its outside, (c) the division between the two sides, and (d) the space brought forward and called by the distinction. The form reveals that any binary distinction actually has two sides and four values.

Call form your distinction of the distinction of an observer.

Call the indications of inside, outside, division, and space of the distinction with respect to their possible variation the medium (Fritz Heider) of distinction. Media couple those elements or aspects of a distinction loosely, viz. as possibility, that are coupled tightly, viz. as reality, by the form. Media can only be observed by reference to a form.

Note that the observer as well can only be watched with reference to a form. Nonidentical to inside, outside, division, and space of the distinction, he is drawing, she/he/it is to be identified exclusively with the operation of division of the two sides of distinction. At any time she/he/it is to be confused with what she/he/it includes and excludes as well as with the space she/he/it is taking, yet retains the latitude to at any moment draw another distinction.

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