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Aristotle and George Spencer-Brown

April 9, 2012

In the paper Aristotle and George Spencer-Brown we collect some ideas of how to evaluate the scope of Aristotelian logic with respect to the laws of thought they tried to determine and to do so within the historical moment of the impact of the invention of writing possibly triggering this determination. We look at some modern doubts concerning these laws and discovering an understanding of complexity, which is not to be resumed within any principle of identity. The inventions of sociology, epistemology, and the mathematics of communication follow suit to focus not only on the observer but more importantly on the distinction of observers to further contextualize any talk of identities and operationalize both talk and fact of contradiction, paradox, and ambivalence.

  1. Thank you so for this article. It shows precisely that it is time to broaden our thinking about what we commonly regard as “logic”. This article helps me lot to try to transfer this broader approach into my legal thinking. As a lawyer I mainly use an implicit aristotelian way of constructing legalconcepts. By doing so we are not able to deal with paradox, contradiction and ambivalence. So our way of thinking tends to be mainly linear, instead of circular, ontologic static instead of constructive process orientated.

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